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Kenshi Playing With 5X Attack Slots

other good optional ones are sensible aoe mod and reduced crossbow damage mod (so your guys dont get 1 shot on increased damage) and weaklings always give xp because large groups are tough and you should be rewarded for killing them if you're using slots mod. Tldr Mods to use: 5x or 3x attack slots, Military Craft, Random Enemy Squads Numbers, Hey, I used to play with the 5x attack slots mod, but changed it out because the Fogmen were getting annoying, changed it to this. But 5 of them are still attacking me at the time, even though I only have this mod in my list and active, and I've deleted the x5. This version is set to two. so two NPCs or players can attack the same target.

Load order should be at the top of the list when you enable this Mod. this way it will override any mod, including my own that change the base attack slots. this does not make the game easier. it will make it harder. x2 makes soloing a hard challenge. My tip jar

Kenshi Playing With 5X Attack Slots - Rowan Casino

Kenshi Playing With 5X Attack Slots - Rowan Casino

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