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Are you looking to start, strengthen, or reorient a career?

  • Build career confidence

  • Maximize your job search

  • Leverage and communicate your strengths

  • 1:1 Coaching 

    • During the coaching engagement, you will get to know yourself better and obtain practical tools and hands-on strategies to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

  • Career, Trade, Vocational Guidance

    • Become aware of YOUR talents and your potential

    • Learn tools to identify your strengths to find your career path

    • Learn to develop and apply strengths to improve your levels of achievement personal, academic, and career

    • We will focus on your strengths through the StrengthsFinder

  • Group Coaching 

    • In these sessions, you will learn how to identify your skills and strengths, obtain new skills, and explore career/job opportunities that are unique to you. 

    • You'll have a chance to bring your questions and challenges, get guidance and obtain support from other members.

    • Learn how collaboration and teamwork increases when individuals see and understand different strength-based approaches to job performance.

Participants will gain:

1. An understanding of individual talents and how these inform actions, world and work view, teamwork, and interactions with other.

2. Identify, through the use of Clifton StrengthsFinders assessment tool, top 5 strengths.

3. Learn the process of naming, aiming and claiming individual strengths.

4. Construct a personalized plan to further develop identified strength.

5. Learn the connection between job satisfaction and working from strengths.


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