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Hispanic Heritage Month


Edith Lagunas
September 2021

Q: Please tell us about how B2beautybybella came to life? 


B2 Beauty By Bella is a skin care brand with the mission to empower women to feel good in their own skin.  Growing up I didn't see women like me represented in the beauty or skin care industry.

Q: How do you spend your time outside of work?Hobbies? 


I love to read, workout, hike and travel with my family.  I am always learning, so I use every opportunity and time to maximize my understanding of the world. 


Q: Tell me something you are learning right now.


Hmmm. I am currently learning about financial statements and Security Compliance Regulations.  I have partnered with a group of veterans to launch a Hedge Fund and the learning curve is steep! 


Q: What obstacles are you still working through? What challenges have you overcome? 


As it relates to my personal life I learned that parenting is best served at various levels of the stages in which your children are. You parent a 5 year old differently than you do a teen or an adult child.  

As for my entrepreneurial side, I have learned that not everything you see on social media is true and that hard work is hard work, you have to put in the hours.  

As for my military career I've learned that our culture and differences are just that, and that a united community is more successful than a divided society.  


Q: Who were some of your role models growing up?


 As a child I escaped my world by reading and delving in the characters of the stories I read.  I did have two amazing teachers, one in 4th grade who exposed my world to science and made me believe in myself.  I also had an amazing male teacher in 5th grade that challenged my inquisitiveness.  Another person that I would say impacted my life was President Bill Clinton.  

I was around 14 years of age when I read an article about President Bill Clinton's childhood.  I read that he grew up in a trailer with an alcoholic abusive step father and a less than emotionally present mother.  President Clinton as a child held a gun to his step father's head.  This was very powerful to my younger self.  I realized that this man who at the time was running for president had overcome many obstacles and was good enough to be himself and have success in life.  


Q: What were your favorite subjects in school? What subjects helped you do the job that you do today?


My favorite subjects were history and psychology, I believe history has helped me understand the innate nature of individuals and our history as a country and as a society. Psychology has really helped me in developing teams, leveraging on the dynamics of the team, identifying and leveraging on individuals strengths and weaknesses to better improve the organization and have a successful output related to work.  I also apply this to my skincare business when looking into the needs of the customer.


Q: What advice would you give an individual who is considering your career/entrepreneur path? 


I would say that if you really want something you have to put your mind to it.  It is not an overnight process, but it is an attainable goal.  Own your success and own your failure. 

Q. Where do yourself in the next 5 years?


I really love everything I do.  My Army career has been very successful.  Ideally, I see myself attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanding a Battalion of 900 plus Soldiers, I also see myself as a successful entrepreneur, mentor for young latinas, a leader in the investment area, and most importantly a strength and anchor to my boys.


Q: Favorite quote


"The only obstacle are those that you believe to be"


Q: Favorite Food




Q: Favorite place you visited


Greece & China, can't really decide between the two; both are rich in history and surrounded by old architectural structures.  I felt a great connection standing a top the Great Wall Of China, but I also felt a spiritual presence in Athens, Greece.   

Q: Since it’s Hispanic Heritage Month. What is a Hispanic tradition you wish to pass down, that your parents have passed down to you? 


Making tamales during Christmas.  I love when my family and I spend the morning of Christmas Eve preparing for a great tamalada!!! My son loves it.  

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