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Meet & Greet

 Arely is a proud mother of 3 wonderful children (2 boys and 1 girl) and wife to a loving husband. 

Arely discovered her love for empowerment throughout her career as an HR practitioner and volunteer opportunities during her teenage years. 
Arely Lagunas is a forward-thinking Millennial Career Coach who is passionate about empowering individuals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace. With a unique blend of enthusiasm, empathy, and expertise, Arely is dedicated to helping millennials discover their true potential and achieve career success on their own terms that align with core values, interests, and strengths. Arely understands the challenges and opportunities that millennials face in their professional journeys. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master's in Human Resources Management she combines academic knowledge with real-world HR experience to provide holistic guidance.
Arely journey into the world of career coaching began with her own experiences navigating the twists and turns of the job market and first-generation experience. She leverages her expertise to help her clients stand out as a high impact candidate. Her coaching style is a blend of leveraging strengths and transferable skills ensuring that each individual feels empowered and equipped to pursue their career objectives.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Arely is an avid advocate for work-life integration and mental well-being. She believes that success is not just about climbing the corporate ladder but also about finding fulfillment in all aspects of life. Through her mom podcast she shares valuable insights on achieving harmony as a professional and mom in the workforce.
In a world where career paths are non-linear and job markets are unpredictable, Arely provides guidance for millennials seeking purpose and direction in their professional lives. Her genuine passion for helping others, coupled with her deep understanding of the challenges millennials face, makes her a trusted ally in the journey toward a fulfilling and successful career path.
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