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Meet & Greet


My name is Arely Lagunas. I am a proud mother of 3 wonderful children (2 boys and 1 girl) and wife to a loving husband. 

I discovered my love for empowerment throughout my career as an HR practitioner and volunteer opportunities that I am grateful to have experienced. 


2015 was a powerful year that provided clarity through adversity. The unexpected loss of my paternal grandma reminded me time is precious and I had to take action today in fulfilling all my aspirations! 

The same year my family grew by 2! I was blessed with my second child and third child. My daughter born in January and my son born in December. With only 11 months apart, and an 4 year old child, I knew life was going to become more interesting and busier!

During the wee hours of motherhood, I began envisioning my dream of contributing as a thoughtful leader for my own community. I wasn’t exactly sure how to start it or what to do but I was committed to place all my energy and efforts to accomplish this goal. Inspired by my own experiences as a first generation student and my children inquisitive minds Creative Achievers Network blossomed and the whole universe suddenly began to align.

I was determined to create a network where we equipped aspiring leaders no matter what their career, trade or entrepreneur choice will ultimately be. Whether they go to college, follow a trade, entrepreneurship or decide to do something new or distinctive. As well as create a community that supports and equips individuals in their professional journey to pursue their passions and discover a meaningful career or trade. 

Our youth needs to have exposure to basic skills at an early age such as effective communication skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership skills, time management, financial literacy, and career readiness.

The earlier we exposed them to essential and practical skills the more natural it will become to learn them and apply them as an adult.

We need to equipped our youth to succeed and have the knowledge and tools to achieve their full potential!

I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of this journey!

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