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I took my license in real estate in April 28, 1997. With an accounting background and over 8 years experience in the field, I felt like my new career change would provide a more flexible schedule to suit my needs at the time of being a single mom of two.

Favorite quote

My favorite career quote comes from my first and favorite real estate mentor Floyd Wickman: “You get by giving” It is my motto and guides me even now 23 years later!


I have many hobbies and will name just a few: gardening, line dancing, reading, knitting, decorating, walking, traveling, yoga

Major responsibilities of your career/occupation

  • Educating clients on what they need to know to be most successful in buying or selling their home Guiding clients through a smooth buying or selling experience

  • Understanding buyer needs and finding the home that best suits them

  • Advising sellers on what they can do to maximize the value of their home

  • Negotiating contracts so clients realize the best buy or sale price and overall terms

  • Serve as a liaison between my client and other business partners

  • Facilitating inspections, appraisals and final walk-thru

  • Preparing comparative market analysis for buyers and sellers so they can make an informed decision on price

  • Help staging properties

  • Feng Shui consultations

  • Serving as a trusted advisor when recommending attorneys, inspectors, mortgage lenders, cleaning crews, moving companies, home warranty companies, contractors, etc.

Education/training required

  • Complete a real estate broker training and pass a state exam

  • Every two years complete 36 hours of continuing education and take a license renewal exam

Skills needed

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Responsiveness

  • Knowledge of the real estate market

  • Communication skills

  • Negotiating skills

  • Active listening

  • Patience

  • Tactfulness

  • Tenacity

  • Sincerity

Positive and negative aspects of your career/occupation

  • Positive: Flexible schedule

  • I get to help people with one of the most important parts of their life and often become a life long friend and trusted advisor. Sometimes I am even considered family after working together when they see how much I truly care!

  • Negative: It is a 24/7 job although very rewarding

  • No benefits. You are essentially an independent contractor

  • You don’s get paid unless you close a transaction. It can take months and you can go for weeks or sometimes months without an income

What specific types of tools, equipment, and/or technology do you use on a regular basis?

  • Microsoft Office and Outlook